Ok, how is this thing, reselling products ?!

First, we have a couple of free core engines, like the MTF… the core itself is free, and we first release a bundle of 3 to 5 addons in it, for a certain cost.

The Startup Bundle is managed on THIS site only, and only vbEnhancer.com can sell it. That’s our deal.

Then we have the specialized addons, which are sold seperately and can be sold on this site, or at the developer’s site… we don’t mind having you sell your own addons on your own site, we just need a link the visitors here can click to see your work.

Everybody here work for themselves. Once the Startup Bundle is purchased, the clients can have a deal with you.

If you decide to release your addons on vbEnhancer.com, you have to make sure you’re supporting your engines, because we would not be happy to support them for you. We have two ways to host your addons:

1- you work here, support your addons directly on the site. remember that when you put a cost to your addons, it include the charge of support.

2- you release your engine here, but split the cost in two, we keep 50% so we support it and handle sales for you. we make sure your addon is supportable before doing so.

IF by a miracle, we have addons to be coded, we first apply a charge price, so you know how much you will be paid if you code it. we are reasonable, but we also know how much time it takes to code the addon, we’re just too occupied to code it ourselves. If you are paid to code a addon, we continue to own it, but if you want to become the owner of that code because you want to support it, sell it etc, we’re not paying you, you just release it here and you receive the profits from its sale.

you have questions, just ask them… 🙂

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  1. oh, and if you decide to abandon development or support of your own engines, we would be very happy to take-over… for free. we’re not paying for the engines you abandon, because we’re the ones to work for free if you already have clients to support.

    and for the ones interested to resell our products, you always have the profits from the sales after the startup bundle is purchased. If you want to be reseller of someone else’s work, you have to make a personal deal with that other coder, that’s something we’re not handling at the moment.

  2. actually, i did not check what number i wrote when posting this… ROFL!

    and yes, get more profit by selling it on your site… the goal is to provide a place where people can post their hack even when they can not support them. … if you do the same in Walmart, the company would keep 75% of the sales, because they are the ones selling it and they are the ones answering clients requests…
    *(actually it is more like 82% in Walmart’s pocket)