lately i was packaging some features into bundled freebies… theWeb Crawlers bundle is a good example, as i merged 3 different products because they were acting on the same feature.

I was planning different bundles, as i’m releasing a bunch of addons in the next days… the problem is that the more bundles i make, the less products we will have in the list, and the harder the bundles are to be supported in the future, because of debugs, upgrades etc. So i’ll do something here, i’ll seperate each of these packed addons, if needed, and re-release them individually.

ok, that have nothing to do with the staff, as we can all release our stuff without the approval of others, but what i’d like is to have is that each coder here have an overview of all the released addons on the site, and give their opinion on the Staff forum, when needed; so if a code is badly written, or if we could enhance it, or make it work different based on suggestions, it would be cool if we work together on that.

So if you haven’t visited the releases, please do so now, and start commenting… 😉