… i want a lexical engine on the site, which will use these tags:

… replacing known terms in $message text, not globally in $output.

terms are not ads, html or other things, they are just  » term = definition « 

minimum footprint, need to be cached, but remember to have multiple dictionaries, like medical, scientific, internet…

i don’t want something like what theVbGeek made with thousands of pages of code… it’s a minimal engine, which str_replace a term with its hovering definition.

in the creation of term in the list, we have:

1- term
2- definition
3- type (abbr,dfn,acronym)

permissions are to be given to:

1- post new definition, create dictionaries
2- manage entries, edit, delete

user preferences to: activate/deactivate replacements… because there is a bunch not interested to learn.. lol