Hambil’s Weighted Polls

Allows for different usergroups to have different ‘weights’ when voting in a poll. A usergroup with a weight of 5 would have 5 times the voting power of a usergroup with a weight of 1. Weighted Polls are optional, and in addition to regular polls.

Based on Hambil’s first Weighted Polls engine which is now obsolete, this one is way more efficient, have less queries, and is easier to manage in permissions.

A good usage for this feature is when you have Elections, Votes on Who’s Hot or Not, etc… You then give your more representative members a higher weight in polls.

Here are the screenies:

Usergroup Permissions:

How it shows when you create/edit a poll (see last option in the list):

And how it looks when you add a new icon and prefix in forumdisplay:


3 réponses sur “Hambil’s Weighted Polls”

  1. This is the only product from Hambil that i will have to port, because he decided to release again on vb.org, and still, all his old addons were obsolete but this one.

    This one is planned to be part of the MTF serie as a new Vote/Elections type of forums… we will see, no solid plan made yet!