another take-over, Redlinemotorsports

Redline was lately very occupied in the military and with his health… two months ago he asked if someone could takeover one of his engine: Forum … and as i was unaware of this request *(don’t know how i missed this post), i did not know it was there until today.

So i talked with Brooks (his name though) and told him could takeover his work… he was happy enough, as his first words were

Redlinemotorsports wrote:
Wow nexialys, thanks.

… thanks is well enough for me to takeover such work.. 😉

ok, so, guys, if someone want to recode his engine to make it more efficient, you are welcome to do so, as it will be re-released on with a new version. if you are not doing it, i’ll be doing it. there is a bunch of things in that product that need rebuilding, like duplication of hooks and functions, a heavy install script that can be minimized a lot, etc…

this is free job, your name will be on it. it also need minimum support on and here once it is re-released.