Not that i want to stop the distribution of the material here, but as my account on was deleted completely and my stuff pushed to the graveyard for good, the only thing i can do right now is make people aware of the situation.

Decisions have to be made on this site, regarding coding and distribution of products for vBulletin. I was offered to sustain my service here because of possible commercial deal or paid support. Not sure… i was joined by many in the last hours, people willing to support, interested in the development of my stuff etc…

My intentions right now are to sell the site to someone who will be interested to continue the work, so i can retire and take care of my family… i also have hit the wall where nobody else ever was, regarding the confrontation i had with the guys at and Ray Morgan who decided to accept my withdraw of the community… now i’m an outlaw for Jelsoft and IB.

I’m sure that in Morgan’s head, the only thought he had in the last days was « who’s that moron? » … and in Paul’s head, the same kind of thing… « when this moron will abandon? »…

what do you think?… lol


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    A new path was made by the evening, after the call of some good old friends.

    In the next 2 days i’ll be evaluating the possibility to have the site turned into a complete paid service, meaning that to have the products and addons you will have to subscribe (very low subscription for download) and to receive support there will be some fee.

    The structure is not decided yet, and i’m not even sure if it worth a try… the only thing i know is that it’s the only thing i would do besides closing the site entirely.

    The reason why i posted part of my hacks on lately was because i wanted to push the market of these free products and expand the membership with these… not so bad idea, the only downfall was the administration of

    So the free market is not for me anymore, and i’m not working on the 4.0 either… what’s left? paid service and resignated to work for the 3.8.x endline products until nobody’s left to serve?

    i have to consider this… (now that there is someone asking me to do so)

  2. kevinl

    Well, think of it this way, you probably have at least a good year to even think about coding for vb4 if you ever want to. By then who knows you might change your mind haha

    It would really be a shame for other people to deter you from something you like to to and from something you make money off of. Could you be doing other things? ..yeah probably but why have other people force before you are actually ready to?

    As far as the paying a small fee for the use of the site? …With what is here, I don’t see why that would be a problem. 🙂

  3. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    thanks kevin… 🙂 that’s feeling good to read.

    btw, as said 2 minutes ago to a good friend, i was offered something that i have to think about, i just need some solid statements about a new mission and goals, and then i decide where i go with this. for now, the site is still on standby, not on sale anymore…