Downloads will be back on tuesday

As announced last week, i’m rebuilding the way everything is shared and distributed on this site, based on the clients and members suggestions, but also because the site is merging with a new chain of command.

There will be a lifetime subscription to access the downloads on vbE now. The cost is raised at 10$us, and will give free access to all public freebies, as well as being able to have forum-based support for these freebies.

Other details and changes on the site will be announced soon, but as you can see already, there was some moves in the distros and we added some new forums… there will be more in the coming days.

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  1. actually for about 2 years, that site was subscription based only… you had to pay that 10$ to have access to some products (which are updated and ready to roll too)… but 6 months ago i decided to drop it, just to see the result… sad to see that it is now useful.. lol

  2. Hum, looks like i have 4 kids who were willing to see their father play with them at the park, so i did not have time to reactivate everything yesterday… i’ll do that today.

    a new announcement will be made with a chart of the new levels available for members here.

  3. ok, for the ones whinning about the non-access to the downloads, i will have only one word for this: patience… i need the whole Admin Council to approve some moves i’m gonna make, and as NOBODY seems in rush to login and check their PMs, we just have to WAIT!!!

    … i try to be subtle…

  4. @nexia 21216 wrote:

    you’re the only one to actually have one of the new accounts validated, Lisa… you’ll be free to download soon.. ROFL!

    i want to be a part of this …lol where’s the subscription tab !!!!!! :p

  5. lol… will be soon Puerto, i just do not want people to subscribe and then have to change their mind because they see nothing changing on the site. i’m not ready to re-release the products because vB’s subscription system is too basic, and i need a complete MTF Releases engine… as Drew is not ready to make that happen because we’re talking about a Commercial-level engine and we need to make it perfect, we’ll be using some fixes with the vbCredits engine until we have the MTF…

  6. Ok, Thuesday morning, the subscriptions are working back, the downloads are supposed to be fixed too…

    sorry for the mess in the forums, but i have other things to move and rename, so you may be a little bit lost.. 😉