I think that we need to regroup to be able to voice ourselves in front of Jelsoft/IB, because for now, the small coders/developers are not heared, because there is too much noise at Jelsoft… the office must be clustered with moving boxes from Floris and the others… 😉

So this consortium is a good way to bring voice to the general coders of the community, because vb.org failed miserablely in that task — even if it is its primary goal.

The means are moderate, we need someone with verve, someone with a great language, to represent the weight of coders that we are. If i was able to make my account deleted on vb.org, imagine what someone with a more ellaborate english can do… lol

It’s not always because we want things to change, sometimes it is also to give our positive feedback on a project. Actually, Jelsoft is positionned in an attacking mode because of all the comments are in the wrong way, they lack a good PR person, and when answers are coming, their are so slow to arise that the trouble-makers like me already made the noise… we need something different from the coders side or things.

btw, i prefer to talk about enhancers, not coders — we are not writing the core, we enhance it…