in the last minutes, i dropped the trachbeen.. (yeah, trashbin)

it was containing a lot of threads (like 15 000) created by ico-content on test, and some other rss feeds that were pointless on this site. i also dropped more than 5000 useless users which were related to these threads.

so the site will be lightier, faster maybe, but also easier to backup.. lol

it may not change a thing about your life on the site, but for the few who were checking for our stats, they are true, we have few users, few threads, and basically no life on this site… it’s my code repository after all, not a off-topic place!

but you are welcome anyway!


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    also, there will be a move of forums in the next hours, as we’re changing the structure of the releases, to apply better permissions and ease the browsing for members.

    we’re now offering external coders to join and participate/share, so there will be more activity on the site in the next weeks… we’re redesigning the content to fit with this new avenue right now.

  2. UncoderMom

    Maybe you should rethink the off-topic thing. Its something that is majorly lacking in the admin/coder world.

    While some censorship is needed to prevent flaming etc…. most cases censorship is a bitch and I’m so tired of threads being closed or moved to a private forum because a mod or admin doesnt like its topic. IN AN OFF TOPIC FORUM. LOL

    I am seriously considering starting a NON coding admin hang out type of place where we can shoot the breeze and talk gossip if we feel like it! haha

    Best of all, freely post links to other sites LOL Have PRIVATE member only forums etc.


  3. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    actually the off-topic was never exploited because this site was just my portfolio… but as it grew considerably lately, sure it need to have an open place… i have moderating, i never close a thread, i prefer to ban people… ROFL

    and no need to start a new forum for non-coders, just tell me what you need, you’ll have it here.. 🙂

  4. UncoderMom

    HAHA It may be too late. I was just discussing it with my husband. I have had a whole host of ideas for a while now just never wanted a new project.

    Hes just concerned about me being pregnant and taking on a new endeavor but he says no one does uncensored like I do. LOLOL