Small pics in front of usernames*

Hey nexia… can we find that tiny addition* here or somewhere in vborg?
I like that and I could use this to highlight vips for example. :=)

If not…are you planing to rls this, too? 😮

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  1. Thank you very much! Since I can not see the images you inserted to compare, I did not knew what to change in usergroups pofile edit.
    I insert

    … that « half-worked » but fuc*ed up my style. lol
    I gotta learn this css stuff, but im a lazy twat. ;p

  2. Nexia’s given example works pretty much out of the box, assuming you have the image in the correct folder.
    Are you sure you’ve edited your Username HTML Markup.

    Also I would use instead as

    is only used when providing content. (a post, a blog, etc.)