New icons, smilies packs on the go!

While rebuilding the site, i decided to add a little spicey mood in the place…

So here is the first pack of smilies that is added today:

Grin Collection

made by Jason Rayner (J a s o n R a y n e r . c o m) and released here: Adium – Xtras – View Xtra: Grin

:grin_Angry: :grin_Money: :grin_Kiss: :grin_Grin: :grin_Halo: :grin_Heart: :grin_Wink: :grin_Gasp: :grin_Turtle: :grin_Crying: :grin_Tongue: :grin_Frown: :grin_Smile: :grin_Cool: :grin_Sick: :grin_Confused: :grin_Sealed:

you are welcome to make fun with any of them, and if you want to use that pack on your site, please give credits for Jason’s work!

5 réponses sur “New icons, smilies packs on the go!”

  1. Ok, i added one smiley pack to work the regular icons, as the default one is horrible…

    Source: Simple Smileys


    they all are registered to replace their real symbols, like 8) 🙂

    while importing these, i decided that one of the new task i’ll have in my spare times will be a smileys/avatars/posticons import/export engine… so you will be able to share your icons instead of frustrating against them.