Ive only just started to learn to code and must admit it is quite daunting! The actual php dosent look too bad, however its then intergrating it with vbulletin.

I was wondering if you fancied creating a section for people in the same boat as myself. Somewhere we can come to get a little bit of help and advice when stuck.

Nexia, maybe you could even take a couple of your simple mods and give a step by step approach of how you created them!




  1. Jean-Pierre

    I’m not good at teaching, but i’m sure others will. We’re not a site where people learn to code, this is a place where people already own and manage a production site.

    If people really want to share HowTos and WhatNot, they can do at the sub-forum http://vbenhancer.com/howtos-whatnot-tutorials/ but i’m not going to fill this forum with my own stock… Each submission will be moderated to ensure that the information is correct.

    Also, the best place where to learn PHP is http://php.net … the search field is very efficient. same thing for vBulletin, there are tutorials and articles at http://vbulletin.org

  2. powerful_rogue Auteur du sujet

    Hi nexia,

    I wasnt talking about people coming here to learn code, but those that are in the process of learning and want to gain some hints and tips about incorporating it into vbulletin.

    The more people learning code, the more mods that can be released etc

  3. Jean-Pierre

    ARGH, mor competition for me…. rofl

    i knew what you were talking about, rogue, i just made a statement about the goal of this site, it’s not the place where to start from zero… and yes, everybody interested to share their knowledge of coding is welcome… moderation is just here to avoid wrong techniques that would lead to breakage of the system.

    i’ll be posting some HowTo myself…