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this is something missing from the original vBulletin. when we have a ton of products on our forum, it’s very complicated to export our styles because only one product at a time is permitted to export its templates.

with this product, we can export all the templates related to a backup style, without checking the products. it will create a new style with all the templates related to their proper product.

what it does for the eye:

1- a new admincp link, called « Backup a Style » in the >> AdminCP >> Styles & Templates

2- You have the choice to generate a new backup for a style OR upload an existing backup from another style.

Here are the screenshots:


In the image above, you see the two forms that are similar to the original « Download / Upload Styles » page. The difference is that you do not have all the settings, and the file sent is different in structure.

and here is the result when you finish the import process, the new style is independant, and have a  » – IMPORT » at the end of the name if you did not edit the name as in the form above…


The end result is a complete independant style, with all the templates in it, no matter what products you have on your site. All the customized templates are stored in the backup file, so you have exactly the same style as the one you had first, but as a Parent style, even if you had it as a child first… because each backup is completely independant from the source, so there is no error if you forget to backup the parent style.

What is does also: you can not use the backup files on a vBulletin forum that have not this product installed… the backup will be rejected by vBulletin because the main product related to the file is missing. Also, do not try to import the backup inside the original « Download / Upload Styles » page, or it will break the stored templates… all these backups have to be used inside this engine… because it was impossible to merge both techniques inside the original vBulletin.

there is not much things to update in the future, as vB 4.0 will have a complete different engine, so the only thing that can occur by then may be bug fixes… i’m sure there will be some bugs as soon as this version 1.0.0 is released, as it’s a major code and was tested only for 2 days… so if you face bugs, instead of putting the product to the trash, please report the problem here with a screenshot or something of the bug/error… thanks!

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