AAAAARRRGGGHHH… i’m going crazy with subscriptions

We need something better, less complicated and more efficient…

actually IPB’s permissions system is better… isn’t it ?!

I’m going to trash it all and start over in the next minutes… the only thing that will remain is the 10$ Member Key to have access to the site system… All other ranks will be given to anybody who’s showing the need to have it.

The reason why it is complicated right now is that we are planning a Releases engine with licenses and ownerships, but in the meanwhile, i wanted to have a replacement for accessing the releases part of the site. That’s crap with the actual permissions… usergroups over usergroups, we would have like 50 subscriptions next week.

As i just have members that subscribed to the Member Key and noother, it’s easy to drop everything and start over the permissions… but it will take my afternoon making everything like before, and John Doe is not helping…*(one day i will copy/paste his real name in Chinese)…

Now everybody purchasing the Member Key will have access to the forum and all the sections like officially licensed etc. there will be only two types of users on the site, the registered and the members… registered are just lurkers, and the « members » are the ones who have dedication to the site.


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  1. the only way to not mess with new usergroups is to have all the usergroups with no permissions whatsoever, and apply forum permissions… which make it completely pointless if you have to make it for 2 users…

    they say 4.0 have a better engine… blah blah.. it was said the same when 3.5 came…

  2. There’s two elements about IPB that I always thought surpassed vbulletin and that was the forum permissions and the multi-moderation feature they had as far back as in v1.2 when I used the software.

    I remember about 6 months ago I added a new group and forgot about certain permissions which allowed them access to all private areas. Luckily, this group was a group that guests would momentarily be in for a short period before promoted to member.

    I’ve never liked the vbulletin permissions and how it worked. It’s too much effort where in IPB it can all be done in a fraction amount of time.

  3. that’s why i’d be more than willing to start a new venture with all the knowledge we have regarding what exists on all these softwares, and create a new master engine for webmasters… see, like i always say, WHM/CPanel is in great logic for webmasters, but it would be so amazing that guys like us, with multiple websites, would have the ability to manage our forums the same way… 🙂

    anyway, there is a major lack in all my things… money.. rofl

  4. anyway, back to topic, the next minutes will be problematic… i’m deleting all the permissions and usergroups that were messing with the structure of the site *(all of them actually)

    so if you have no permission to post somewhere, this is completely normal… i mess out for making it cleaner… rofl