These emoticons (preview below) were started due to a member asking if there were similiar emoticons (animated) around to the ones he was using already to expand upon. I liked the theme of these emoticons and decided ro embark on a mini-project (this pack will consist of 50+ emoticons) with addon packs released in the future.

For the now, the previews below are in the w.i.p phase and although some of them looked to be duplicates they aren’t. Some have animation flaws which I corrected in later variations which you’ll notice (or maybe not if you haven’t got a keen eye) and I was looking for some feedback, suggestions and some constructive criticism.


Juggle.gifJuggle1.gifJuggle2.gifJuggle3.gifJuggle4.gifJuggle5.gifJuggle6.gifspin.gifspin1.gifnerd.gifnerd1.gifninja.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin1.gif embarrassed.gifembarrassed1.gif hyperactive.gifhyperactive1.gifembarrassed1.gif hyperactive.gifhyperactive1.giffustrated.gifcold.giftongue.giftongue1.gif

For those interested on the construction side and the layers used I posted a screenshot of the psd count (which is low by my standards) and the animation count. As you can see these emoticons are fully vectored (bar the brush layer which soon will be vectored because I like to be consistent.