Redesign of the Statistics and Tendencies logic…

Ok, i was to release that stuff yesterday, but as soon as i finished the work, i thought of a change in the Crawlers Bundle package, and decided it would be a large benefit to make the change in the Stats and Tend right away with it… it’s not long, but instead of releasing a version 1 and a version 2 the same week, i ask you to wait like 3 days…

the new crawlers engine will make daily statistics on the fly, with the ability to track whick topic was read by crawler X or Y… this is way better than just counting the number of hits, isn’t it?

like Kevinl indicated, you will not have anymore need to have Google Analytics on your site… this engine will track all humans and crawlers all the time, seemlessly. you have two engines that work the same, the crawlers tracker, and the humans tracker.

guests will be tracked by IP, members by their id, and trackers by their name… as we do not need to track which thread a member reply to (already in the db), it’s easy to build statistics on this as well.

some people would say that it is pointless as Google Analytics can do it… nope… sorry, but when you let others do your work, you are not sure of the results. Google Analytics is not tracking each actions on a site, they track visits made via their service… they are not tracking other crawlers, neither the access to private forums etc. there is a lot of things Analytics can not do.. it can not evaluate which forum is popular, which topic is interesting for your visitors etc… on a daily basis.

some others would say that it will overload the server by making an additional query each page loaded… each of the queries my engine do takes about 0.00001 seconds to execute, and less than 2k of ram total… because the engine is well coded.

for the ones who already have the old Crawlers bundle on their site, the upgrade is taking care of the transition, that’s the part which took the most of my day coding… as it was impossible to track the inthread or the daily stats, the evaluation of the data is normalized to give a logical result… so the stats will have a logical count, instead of a burst (do not ask me to explain, it’s complicated and i’m bad in maths!).

hum, someone told me to name that new engine as « Nexia’s Analytics »… but i hate to exploit the success of someone in my advantage… :grin_Confused:

i may just name it « Nexia’s Statistics and Tendencies » as planned… rofl

oh, btw, one thing Google Analytics is unable to provide: tendencies for the next month… 😉

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  1. ok, so after some thoughts under my morning-shower, i decided of some things to do right now… which are:

    1- finish the « local » stats, meaning the actual engine, plus Hambil’s vbTrend rebuild, plus Boofo’s Site Life stats…
    2- rebuild the Crawlers Tracking engine to be the same format as #1
    3- then construct a complete package with some other engines i have on the shelf right now… (who downloaded, who read threads, guests tracking, subscriptions and how much, etc)

    are all these stats useful? surely not… but one of them can be useful to you, so the whole work worth the job!

    are they competing with existing stuff on… SURE!… that’s the goal, coding better tools than the existing ones, making the real usage of them, and grabbing interest.

    20 years ago, i started to work on a BBS engine called FirstClass, and it had all these stats and way more… i’m going to do that exactly on vb!

  2. Oh. forgot to mention… The « Local Stats » thing, will be free in the Complimentaries, as well as the old Crawlers tracker (which will continue to be debugged)…

    The new package btw, will be paid… it’s a lot of work, and will require customization from people having specific needs, so it will have a charge to it… but as i’m generous with my time and energy, it will be a low fee… :grin_Wink:

  3. This really does sound awesome. I find this great especially after analytics was making my site crawl a few weeks back.

    it is always good to have something done locally then have something else do the work that something else is pretty much already doing…it just needed some help 😉

    Thanks Nex! Can’t wait for this all to come together!