ok, i’ve had a load of spam lately, from humans posting from arabia and other uae regions… sorry guys but if you wanted to proove that your country is filled with no-brainers, you’ve hit the jackpot…

so now, your country is in the banlist… same for these mail.ru … really, guys, it’s an old trick, nobody’s fool.

and for the guys who register with stupid names, with dicks and vaginas in them, learn your anatomy, we call you asses…

also, i’ve received like 10 or 11 requests to pass thru subscriptions for members with « situations »… hey, i don’t care if you divorced and bankrupted… if you are so irresponsible and bankrupt because you do not want to pay your ex-wife, that’s not my business… i will not give you free access because you are an asshole…

i’m not interested to hear about the 15 years old kid who have no money and can not use his father’s credit card on paypal… if you can not discuss with your father and prefer stealing his money, it’s your right… i’m not responsible for the lack of parentship of your father. and i’m not your pal either.

i’m without any feeling, if you have no money, it’s your problem. this site is not about friends and freeshipness, it’s a business. you’ll be banned if you start in that path with me, i have no time to loose answering your requests. go to vBulletin.org if you want free stuff.

sorry for the rant, i’m politically correct, but sometimes… zzz ZZZ


  1. natecoupons

    I too HATE spammers!!! 5 Days ago, I installed a hack from vb.org (I know they aren’t your favorite lol) but it’s worked!! I haven’t had a spammer register since!! I had 10-20 spammers a day, now it’s zero registering. I’ll also had many many new registrations from real people!! So I know it works!!

  2. Spikeman

    I hate spammers with a passion :grin_Grin: I installed Is bot mod and setup recaptcha then banned all the usual stupid domains .ru etc.. and now spam free.

    I totally agree nexy and stuff the Politically Correctness, no free loaders allowed.