Location Click in Who’s Online page

you know that icon in the Who’s Online page: question_icon.gif

… now it is clickable, so you can visit the page the user is viewing.

This is perfect when you see that a user have a error message and you can not figure for the sake of it what is the thread/page he is reading only by the url… because by default, the only thing you can do is hovering the icon and you can see the url, threadid, or forumid, etc… but no content… so, no idea of what it is!

Simply install… this is a minimalist product that will change the icon to a clickable link, which will open a new browser window to the member’s location so you can visit it too…

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  1. I installed this and I got this error on the top of the page

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/n/i/c/abcd1234/html/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/forum/includes/functions_online.php(1170) : eval()’d code on line 279

  2. actually, you opened a pandora box with one of your existing hack/product, because from what i see by the error you reported, it is impossible that my product cause it, because there is no t_string related content in the product…

    and logically, if you uninstalled my product and you still have the error, it is suggested you track down all your products to see what is causing it, because it is not something that does not exists that can cause such problem…

  3. Last question regarding this. I already asked on vb.com, but I want your thoughts on this. Do you think if I re upload functions_online.php it might make the error go away? Or would it make my other mods that may use that not work properly?

  4. did you try by deactivating your products first and reactivate them one by one, to track the bad guy?

    my products never alter the original vBulletin, never… neither they are file or template edited, so replacing any file in your situation is not related to any of my work.

    if btw you installed a product that alter your files, by instruction or induction, replacing the files would help, as they would be the original versions… but if you read properly, this hack actually do not alter the file functions_online.php, so the bug if not from there.

    also, as a side note, this place is for productions sites… if you know nothing about vBulletin, having a visit in the docs at vBulletin.com could help, but i’m not here to support people that have no knowledge of vBulletin… vbulletin.com have a great forum for support.

  5. I didn’t try that yet as I have 76 products installed and it’s 9 pm here.

    I have a limited knowledge of vb. I don’t want to make a mistake and make an error to my board that I can’t fix. Thanks for your help though Nexy.