Avatar on threadbits per forum

Not really sure if it’s still allowed to use this section for paid requests.. If not, feel free to remove this one :grin_Sealed:

I’m currently using a plugin hooked to threadbit_display. It seems however it’s causing one extra query per thread.
Something I’d like to get rid of..

Also, because this plugin is a mixture of several readmes I would like to have this plugin optimized using the vB3.8.x standards. (This all under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

$userid = $thread;
$username = $thread;
$avatarurl = fetch_avatar_url($userid);
if ($avatarurl ==  ») {
$avatar = « « ;
else {
$avatar = « « ;
I will pay 20% right after the job is confirmed, and 80% right after the job is finished. (Currently I’m thinking about 35,- USD total, paid by verified Paypal)

If you’re interested please contact me by pm at this board.

If possible including your real name, age, and reference of modifying you might have done in the past.

Reference of past successful paid requests:
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