Ok, i’ll be out of town and out of any technological mean for the next 4 days, so understand that i will not update this site or answer to support requests until monday morning.

BTW, i’m releasing the « Language Driven Forums » engine right now, and it will be supported begining on monday too. That engine helps you drive your members in specific languages, and let you have specific sections of the site for these multi-national communities that need a more serious solution than to have multiple forums.

Here are the old doc: http://vbenhancer.com/language-driven-forums/old-doc-language-driven-forums/368/

Also, a longer list of products is to be released as commercial/paid, they all bring profits to your site, they all are appealing, and they will be released by the begining of this summer, for all!

Have a good week-end!


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    Ok, i’m reporting back from vacation to see that more than 50 visitors tried to register and failed… i installed an anti-spam engine before i leave last week, and it seems it had a dB error… i just uninstalled it, so everybody will be able to register back now…

    i’ll make a status report in a day or two.. have to take a shower first.