Selective Filtered Forums Specs and Features

At first, this complete engine is filtering all your forums based on specific details.

The first addon to it is the Language Driven Forums, which let you choose which language is applied to a forum, so if a member have a different language, the forum is hidden from display, to avoid collision. This is only useful for International Communities though.

The second addon will be a Age based filtering, which is simple to understand. If a member does not have the appropriate age, below or above age, the forum is not displayed and not accessible, depending on your own settings, per forum.

The third one is a Sex-based filter… same logic, this engine also add a new setting to the user-end side, they can now set their sex at registration or at their visit to the userCP. this setting is specific though, once set, the sex can not be modified until a moderator/admin approve the change — which lead to a new admincp panel to check that.

These two new addons are on the shelf, they need recoding to fit the new structure… they will be available to any client who purchase the Selective Filtered Forums subscription. And there is more to come, requests are accepted.

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  1. Excellent. This is something I could do with. I’ve recently had to created another group for people to join because of age restrictions. I have quite a few suggestions and features but I’ll wait till you get back from your camping trip which will give me time to describe them in more detail.

  2. The Bundle is ready to roll, it will be available by the end of this week. So here is a list of the actual filters included in the package.

    Filters based on user’s choices:

    • Language
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Country

    Filters based on events:

    • Hours of Days *(forum open between X and Y)
    • Number of User Posts, Number of User Threads

    These are the ones integrated in the system right now, i do not plan on adding more, but that all depend on the requests.

    The system will be completely active on vbE in the next days, and the product available by the end of the week as well.

  3. Just as a tease for the « country/location » element, here is a screenshot of the global setting for the site itself:


    Here we see that we can set a country for the board itself, which is great for indexing per region. As you can see, all provinces of the Canada country are listed, i’ll fix the way it goes like « Canada – Québec » instead of the province only, so we have a better way to see them. Canada, Australia, Scandinavian and USA countries are having their states included in the list.

    Added to this is the filter per forum, so you can have a localised forum, letting people visit this/that forum if they are from that region… like the other features, it is « forced or not », to let others visit.