I’m justchecking if you are making progress on your project and the MTF, if any… you wanted to take over the project, but i’d like to have an eye on it as i’d like to see it live and working…

if you are not working on it, just tell, so i’ll take it back and put someone else on it… thanks!


  1. Drew

    I have actually been working a lot on the releases points engine. I now have the points engine done (it just works with paypal for right now) and the releases engine is about 75% complete i expect to have it done really soon 🙂

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    the release engine will be perfect if released this fall when other coders will need a serious version… vBMA is down, vbCredits is like in the mist, and most of the coders known on vb.org abandonned already.. a new bunch of coders will start their stuff with the vb 4.0… and i know from Ray that there is a bunch of guys who already have vb 4.0 in hands to code new tools… that’s the best time we have now…

  3. Drew

    Yeah except who are we looking to market this to? The big time coders or companys? Or the coder who has his own site with just his own small addons? And will we ever want this to be 4.0 compatible or are you staying with 3 (i know you are keeping your addons with but what about this one?)

  4. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

     » I  » does not mean  » Drew « … you can do whatever you wish, remember, you are not tied to me. …

    I personally will not code for the 4.0 engine right away, because i have planned to support 3.8’s clients until it is impossible to do so.. .there is a big market here as a load of people fear about 4.0, and as for the 3.0 VS 3.5 generation, hundreds of site owners never updated because of the same reasons they will not do with 4.0…

    4.0 is a complete different software… people will not upgrade as easily, and we have plenty of time to offer them our work.

    BUT… you, as a OOP developer, have better chances of success if you already plan your work for 4.0, as there is a good range of chance that you will have more visibility with the NEW clients of Jelsoft…

  5. Drew

    Yeah i know i’m tied to you but a lot of the times the direction you go in is often the best

    i will probably look at the coding of 4 maybe code some little addons and if i like it enough port MTF and give you control of it for the 3.8 serious, if i like the coding style though if it isn’t good i dont want to work with it lol