Well after much hard work here is the update beta of MTF and beta one of the releases and points engine..
Install Steps:
1. Upload MTF Files
2. Install MTF product
3. Upload Points and Releases Files
4. Install Products..

NOTE: Currently on the points engine i have it in « developer mode » this mean it uses sandbox.paypal.com features (you should probably get an account so you can test this)


  1. Jean-Pierre

    hum, i’ll see…

    can you seperate the releases and the points system?

    not that i don’t like it, but some solutions are to provide the points system with some other MTF, so having to buy the Releases package would be unfair…

    so personally i would do the opposite.. the points system inside the MTF, with very basic addons, for the 100/150 $$… i do not remember how we evaluated the value of the basic package.

    so for the 150$, we would have:

    MTF Core
    MTF points
    MTF 2 or 3 small addons

    MTF support and debug, lifetime
    MTF completely unbranded, no matter what
    MTF downloadable, lifetime, all versions *(until we die)

    isn’t it correct?

    i think just that package with the support is really fair already!

  2. Jean-Pierre

    ARGH. i just look at the release… i’m stupid… rofl

    ok, first… no vbe_ prefix… everything is mtf_ , as it’s all part of one engine… it’s not vbEnhancer, it’s DREW who coded this. so if you decided to go with the MTF, we go all the way. i’m just a « reseller » here!

  3. Jean-Pierre

    having a single protocol for the names will help you anyway, finding errors and us being identified properly.

    … see, 2 weeks ago a guy popped up here, saying he was interested to buy my products… he said he was informed of where i was because of one of the addons he downloaded « elsewhere »… *(i suppose vbTeam) … but as i never put the site’s url on the stuff i put on vbteam, i asked him « how »… lol … he said he searched the name of the product on google… as it was renamed he did not find it directly… he checked the code and searched for the variables in it… (he is a coder though)… he searched for the name of the variable on google … « nex_channels_page_rss » … and he found my site instantly… rofl

    see how naming variables is important… i made a client… rofl

  4. Jean-Pierre

    strangely, i thought this bug was corrected long time ago:

    when in Forum Manager:

    Warning: require_once(/home/nexialys/public_html/vbenhancer/mtf/mtf_master_adminfunctions.php) URL= »http://vbenhancer.com/admincp/function.require-once »]function.require-once[/URL: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nexialys/public_html/vbenhancer/admincp/forum.php(58) : eval()’d code on line 1
  5. Jean-Pierre

    ok, when we have a working version on hands, i will clean the code to « look » more comfortable… right now, we still see your own license infos on top of some files you copied, and the entire protocol for writing the lines is not right, it so look like you made it on rush… rofl

  6. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Ok, after testing every feature of the points engine (there aren’t that many). i am pretty confident that it is stable. The one thing that i’ve noticed though is it is very hard to work with paypal and multiple currencies (it likes to always make it into US dollars and then round it which can change the number of credits slightly on large amounts), so when we release it we should definitely add some sort of warning/recommendation to the release thread.

    Oh and btw: i figured since im done testing it ill give it to you for the ultimate test, and then i’ll give you the releases engine in a few days when i think its stable

  7. Jean-Pierre

    hum, yeah, i know that paypal bug, it’s the same inside the real vB engine… that’swhy people is prefered to always use the US$ price and then convert directly at paypal.com… like i do… 🙂

    i’ll install this version on the site, and make it run for the next days… there is not much to do outside of adding addons that change the forum, like the article and links… i’ll ask OblivionKnight to play with it as a moderator…

  8. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Yeah, the one thing i just remembered is that it currently uses the paypal sandbox site, if you want it to use the actual paypal site in the plugin ‘Add Navbar Link’ change the line:
    [PHP]define(‘mtf_points_use_sandbox’, true); [/PHP] to
    [PHP]define(‘mtf_points_use_sandbox’, false); [/PHP]

  9. Jean-Pierre

    here is my result…

    1- changed the queries look
    2- changed some variable names as there was « nexia » and « vbenhancer » in them
    3- changed some url path
    4- changed the Points structure to fit the same as the Master — everything in the /mtf/ folder
    5- tada


  10. Jean-Pierre

    error when i try to edit a post on ajax:

    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.3:

    Invalid SQL:
    UPDATE vbe_mtf_postfield_data SET

    ### UPDATE QUERY GENERATED BY fetch_query_sql() ###
    `mtf_link_info` = ‘b:0;’
    WHERE postid = ‘22254’;

    MySQL Error : Unknown column ‘mtf_link_info’ in ‘field list’
    Error Number : 1054
    Request Date : Wednesday, July 15th 2009 @ 04:10:04 PM
    Error Date : Wednesday, July 15th 2009 @ 04:10:05 PM
    Script : http://vbenhancer.com/editpost.php?do=updatepost&postid=22254
    Referrer : http://vbenhancer.com/welcome-mat/lovely-lovely/5097/
    IP Address :
    Username : nexia
    Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
    MySQL Version : 5.1.30

    … the big point is that i did not set any MTF yet, this function is not supposed to run until it is in a forum that is set to MTF…some missing (if MTF something…)

  11. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Ok, the thing is none of the links engines plugins would cause this they all have a check for the right forum type. Look in the Fields manager find that field (mtf_link_info) and make sure its set to links type. This is the only way that error could come up, as i am not getting it on my test board?

  12. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Yeah i am not positive but i think it had something to do with that the product i tested with had a very slightly different install script (the part that added the fields) and i think on the old file it wasnt adding them right. Anyway there was one error i found in the points install script so here is another update bundle

  13. Jean-Pierre

    new project plan: replace the USERCP with an independant CP… MTF user CP does not have to be shelled inside the userCP, and we will surely have to add more options in the MTF_CP when we add more Types… so we have our own CP, will be easier… 🙂

    can you work this out, or i take 10 minutes to code one?

  14. Jean-Pierre

    ok, and two bugs with the Points process:

    1- table « mtf_points_payout_requests » does not exists, it is not created in the install either.
    2- « vb_paymentinfo » table is created in the process, but does not content the same structure as the requested « mtf_points_payout_requests » table, so i do not know if it is the right table, there is not « id » in it, which drives the « mtf_points_payout_requests » table…

    3- could you transform the process for « mtf_points_use_sandbox » so the admin can have it as an option to choose the sandbox?… i can do it, but you’re the one playing with the code right now, you have your reasons… 🙂

  15. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Yeah i actually have fixed all these errors already 😉 except for making the option so will do

    I will make one because i made a few changed to the points engine so i don’t want to have to « merge » the products. I will add the MTF_CP to the base and make it expendable later for all the MTF serious.

  16. Jean-Pierre

    ok, one thing i just got in mind…

    specific affiliate id related to rebates per seller… so if someone come here to purchase one product, he can enter the affiliate id of who he wants, and if he come back later to buy something else suggested by someone else, he can enter that different affiliate id…

    like at vbSEO where we enter the affiliate of who we want when we purchase …

  17. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Yeah what i think i’ll do is not make any more addons to the current version of the releases and then on the next features update i will add that and the other big idea had was a Promotions Manager where users who sell products can set up promotions in the MTF CP for all or just certain products. And for the MTF CP would you mind making that template? i started making and i realized, i am not really getting what you wanted? If you could and you give me it i will add it to the Master

  18. Jean-Pierre

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  19. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Ok the one thing I’ve noticed is for some reason the language cache wont get reset on import so you have to pick any phrase click edit the just save it and it will work fine… If you find a solution for that please share 😉

  20. Jean-Pierre

    lol… i know why, no problem… btw, i check later tonight… i tested the install, but i forgot to send you back the modified MTF files, so there is errors … lol… the system now check the field creation on install which is now different than the regular use.. 🙂

  21. Jean-Pierre

    ok, i just re-installed everything, uninstalled all, re-installed everything, uninstalled all, re-installed the master, the articles and links, and i see… after like 100 tries and tests, that you forgot a main detail on the product that gives me a good hint in one situation: you never tested the types.

    they can not work without the « excerpt, hits, type, firstpost, authorbio, reflink, postbit, inpost, footnote, attachlimit, feature, highlight » postfields of the master… the problem is actually that you never created them… so how can your tests be complete if you did not create their fields that make the system crash if they are absent…

    also, the only type that works are the Answers and Links… ALL the others make a mess in any forum. in Forumdisplay, if the « function ThreadBit() » is absent from a type class, there is no thread to list, even if the page have 3 pages of navigation… that means we have a problem here!

  22. Drew Auteur du sujet

    I dont know why it would say 6 months ago on mine it says:[ATTACH]179[/ATTACH]?

    The fields that are missing i never made because they weren’t needed when i was making the addons or i made a slightly different field name to better fit it i will update that..

    And with the addons links, answers, and articles i just did the coding behind them i did not do the templates (or made a really bad one just to show the information), because i thought we had agreed you’d do them? I could have misunderstood..

    Also what exactly needs to be done with the files? Just a general cleanup? Or something else?

  23. Jean-Pierre

    general cleanup, and for the install process i added a switch in the function to add fields, so in the install, it does not stop the process if a field already exists… for updates etc it is better.. 🙂

    for the templates, it’s not a question of missing templates, it’s a question that if there is no template switch, the system does not show a thing… i’ll make some tests and find the solution.

    btw, i was not grunting at you regarding testing the addons, it was a statement… 🙂 no problem if you did not check everything, it let me learn how your system works… 🙂

  24. Jean-Pierre

    btw, the missing templates, postbit, threadbit etc, if i did not put them in the product file, simply use the original ones inside vB, the goal is to fill the gaps right now, then we modify the templates…

    and work in the logic of having these products as the new vBulletin… example: if we have to modify forumdisplay, instead of working each hook, we use forumdisplay_start and rebuild the whole thing… so have no fear, if you « need » to modify something that have no hook, simply replace it.

  25. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Yeah they aren’t any actual missing templates just some not great looking ones not sure if you want me to keep them or get rid of them?

    And as far as coding it for the « new vb » my idea was that, there would be a class for all forums (any type) that would set up the required information (fields like title, message, etc.) but not do anything with it just get it ready for templates and processing (that would be the base layer). Then another class takes the data from the base class and transforms it for the desired forum type, every forum type including normal would have this class (that way custom forum types aren’t « overwriting » the default type, which should help make the code more efficient), in each of the type classes it would make an output that vb would just display. I attached a photo that i made of how it would work if you aren’t following me

  26. Drew Auteur du sujet

    I was working on the answers addon and i was wondering what do you think the best way to show the staff answer and the chosen best answer? Would an image be good or just somewhere have « Best Answer » or « Staff Answer »

  27. Jean-Pierre

    ok, i did not install it yet, was occupied with INET staff…

    but ok, i see what was done, it’s ok. the only thing i see missing is the default postfields that were not added in the install of the master yet… i’ll try to figure out how you create these entries and i’ll do it in the next hours…

    that said can we have a process to be able to export these when we create new custom ones?

  28. Drew Auteur du sujet

    Ok i am back but now you are gone lol anyways here is the script i use to make the install uninstall codes. Upload it to your forum route make the fields then go to the url vbenhancer.com/mtf_installcode.php?id=productid