« Add Contact » Button on Contacts Popup

« Add Contact » Button on Contacts Popup

This simple template modification will provide a button to add a new user to your contact list on the contacts popup (an under-used feature of vBulletin!).

View screenshot to give an example of this, it’s running on my forums.

The button image is created by Oxygen Team, and is released under the GPL.


This is modification is released as donationwear..
If you use it on your forums, please consider donating. Every little helps!

5 réponses sur “« Add Contact » Button on Contacts Popup”

  1. hum, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it already too late?

    the Contact Popup already is a list of your actual Contacts, why would it be needed to add a button to add these guys to your contact if they already are in your contacts ???