Ok, i read a lot of things regarding vB 4.0, and from what i see, they are trying to add more places where it is possible to construct a good Ads system… So, what with the Discreet Sponsors system?

nothing actually is changed. i was asked today if my system becomes obsolete for vb 4.0 … actually yes, i will have to rewrite my engine to work with the new codes, but this is not before december, when the system will be stronger… vB in beta mode can take months.

but i think i will wait until the first beta comes on the market before releasing the new engine myself… not because i want to leach, but because i do not want to be leached… that was done in the past, and as IB is planning a lot of sponsoring/ads on their new core, i think i will not give them the opportunity to copy my engine… 🙂

call me cheap, but hey, i remember some codes that were stolen!


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    hum, btw, you will have the actual version soon… lol… i’m planning a rebuild only for the end of summer, but the actual version is quite useful, the rebuild only contain additions like the userCP for the sponsors, and some stats page… i just have some tests to do on the automatic-file editor of the installer, and then i release it… 🙂

  2. cloni

    I like it discreet. Nice ideas you pop out with.

    Personally I prefer something like this: dict.cc | Englisch-Wrterbuch | German Dictionary
    On the right you can see the banner and beneath you can klick « Webung ausblenden » which means to disable the add. Now the add is disabled for the whole session or is it an hour?! dunno. This option should be there just for regged users and unregged get to know that information.

    Actually there are a few advertising additions, but not stable ones and too big for me. I need this feature and thats it. Surely I am about to order something like this if anyone can offer me the dope. 😉
    Hmm…looks easy tho, but hell I aint a coder, god made me bless girls, no code. 😀