IF I posted this in the wrong section Im sorry I dont see where else it would go?

Hi I run a couple forums BUT the one in question is my PC help forum. I would like to maybe have on my sidebar a section that shows the latest X threats. I understand this may be a project and am willing to donate more here or pay for this. From what I learned from the admin here my skin doesnt actually use hooks but the sidebar stuff is hardcoded in but it would I suppose be the equivalent to a hook. My site is Freetechs.
(sorry for advertising) its my new forum. anyway the reason I gave the address is so you can see the sidebar stuff as thats where I would like to add it. You may have seen what I mean on some known security forums/sites.

Any help would be a appreciated 🙂


  1. Jean-Pierre

    ARGH, he advertise his site….

    hum, you did not read the Subscription description maybe?… you have the right to put your site’s url in your siggy… 🙂

    if you take a look at my forumhome page, you see that i have a sidebar with the latest thread titles of my releases… this is a modification of one of my non-released hack that create the sidebar content… the way you want it.

    i can check if i can release it for you… 🙂

  2. Jean-Pierre

    AH, Threat Alert, i thought Latest Threads… lol

    for the block itself, it’s quite easy… making it match your CSS, don’t know, it all depend on how the source of the listing is… if it is pure xml, it’s possible to modify the output… i could take a look!