New Job: Deposit Addon

hey, i was supposed to code the MTF CP, come on, you leach my stuff…

ok, anyway, a guy here is asking me for a job to be done. i attach the whole thing in this attachment, you can read the deposit.rtf which is the description of the job.

it’s been listed 500$ on but nobody was able to do it. He is giving me 600$ for a deadline of 6 weeks after approval. what do you think of it? i approved it for myself, i know most of the requests are quick to do… the quick stuff can be done in 2 weeks of work, then 4 weeks for the complicated things.

you want it?

i told the guy i could do the job for 300$ if i have full rights over it.. the 600$ is for an exclusive task. if i do it for 300$, i release it on completion, like 100$ or more… i actually told the guy and he was ok. i prefer the 600$ for the year of exclusivity *(always like that)

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  1. Yeah sorry for doing it i just always have to have a project

    I would take it but right now i am a little busy, i would have enough time but im worried i would go a little over the dead line, so if you wanted to code part of it and i could do the complicated stuff and we could split the profit?

  2. sure we can split the job… as said, i will start by recoding the actual engine, as i want it to be my way… the guy accepted the 300$ for a non-exclusive work, as explained here: … he may change his mind and ask for an exclusive work for one year of exclusivity, at 600$ like he first planned. on both ways, it’s always split depending on the job to be done… i take the first two weeks to deliver a draft and a recode.

    the recode/draft will contain new hooks, a 3.8.x structure, no file/template edits, complete vB protocol, a new look… after that, i can give you the result so you can play with it, if in the meantime you want to play with it.

  3. Yeah and if anything you get the logic of coding of something but not sure how to code or don’t think its efficient enough tell me in the mean time i am going to start coding a Promotions manager for the releases engine as it would definitely be something people would want/use and the releases engine, from my testing, is working fine

  4. sure, i always post my problems… btw, i may post a situation for « code audits »… people are sometimes asking me to check the products coded by someone they do not trust… it could be interesting to see where that goes… 🙂

  5. hey, i just notice in that project that people have to purchase these things with points and the system have a field to determine what points system you have… doesn’t make you think of something we can do to make it more marketable?

  6. hum, actually you see it the wrong way.. lol

    the MTF Points system is a good replacement for corporate websites that need to exchange stock and other virtual goods… these sites does not need vbCredits with its ton of pointless features. companies that release stuff do not need their members to gain points when posting, they actually want to deactivate all these, which makes vbCredits completely useless.

    this guy have other projects with other websites that require their members to invest from paypal to some virtual goods… this StockChange addon is requested a lot i could say, a lot of sites are promoting Stock Exchanges, and we can have the best engine possible. This is a great element of incomes on a site that exploit this to the max, so these guys need a solid engine, even if they have to pay for it.

    even if i just have 10 clients for this, it will pay, because the job to code it is quite simple. once i finish the refurbish of the code, today or tomorrow, it will be quite easy to add features. most of the work done in it is based on engine…

    i already have 3 clients for this addon btw, and the original addon on have 137+ installs, 570 downloads… imagine that if we take just 2% of these, we pay for the work done… and if we advertise it the way we need it be, we can have 10 or 15% of these guys…

    what i need right now is to finalize this summer’s work, and then i start advertising the site and its products. already, from i have 2 or 3 new registrations per day… no ads. this fall, i’ll have a new account on to release my free stuff and advertise the paid work. If you remember well, in 24h last time i had more than 3500 downloads of about 20 products released on… if i modify my releases to have a RSS feed to advertise our News in the AdminCP, we will grab a lot of interests… i’m working on this right now btw

  7. i’m done with the admins… but the market there is enormous… they can not control my access there, they were threatened by a legal action if they try to do, so they are not to act… and btw, i do it only to advertise our site, and in marketing, i’m hard to beat… 🙂

  8. i mean if i decide to re-release my stuff at it is because i had the OK from IB… remember when i vanished from there, my account was deleted etc… it was because i had discussions with Ray and the IB guys… it was obvious they had some grips on Paul because of all of the troubles coming from… they think i’m more than welcome to re-release my stuff over there, because my stuff worth way more than Paul’s attitude…

    i suppose they will act on Paul if he recap on my …lol