User Playlists (

User Playlists (

This modification provides your users with the opportunity to create and share a playlist of their favourite music, from an external source via

View screenshots to give an example of this, it’s running on my forums. url=]Demo[/url

Fed up of listing your favourite artists, bands or tracks via your profile on a social network or forum community, only for others to have no idea what you’re talking about? So was I! Give your users the tools they need to share their music taste with others in an interactive way, so that the music is actually available to listen to!

Better still, it’s done via a forum pop-up (similar to the smilies list) – no more accidentally navigating away from the page mid-song! Clever, yes?

However, it does take a bit of setting up with a custom profile field and manual template edits. I make no apologies for this, I may make an « automated » version in the future – donations would help to motivate me do so.. 😉


This is modification is released as donationwear..
If you use it on your forums, please consider donating. Every little helps!

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