Promotions Logic?

I was working on the promotions manager for the releases engine when i started to think about how to handle multiple promotions affecting the same threads. And my question was do you think the manager should stop you from adding promotions that affect the same forum? Or something else?

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  1. hum, this is a complicated one… if you have multiple resellers for a single product, let’s say they have their own code for promotion, that could be good to let the system have multiple ones… but that’s the only situation i see fit

  2. Yeah i do have it so you can set promotions to only be available with a code.. So i think what i will do is make it so that if there are other promotions affecting the same products it will offer the user the choice of making the other promotions inactive or change the selected Forums/Threads… Sound good?

  3. Thinking about it more if the promotion has a code another option will be given to « overwrite » all other promotions, even if they affect the same threads/forums, and because users will only be able to Enter One Code it wont matter if there are multiple « code only » promotions for forums/threads.