phpBB, IPB, MyBB, these systems usually have incompatible password saving process that is different from vB, and then, when you import a forum into vBulletin, you loose passwords, so members have to reset them…

how pointless.

i’ve done it in the past for a client, so i suppose i can replicate it, even if it is 5 years ago… and no source code!

in ImpEx, import the password anyway, AND tag the usertable with a new field called « importedfrom », and the entry will be the forum name it was inported from.

>> Roger with password XXXXX from phpbb

the login form have to be modified to also record the original password entered in the field, without hashing it with the javascript… i personally disable the javascript, but i suppose we can duplicate what we enter in the field in a hidden field. if not, we simply disable the javascript.

when the user click to login, two processes are added:

1- the unhashed password is filtered into the verif of the system « importedfrom »… and hit against the password saved in the dB.
2- after approved password, the hashed password is saved to replace the old password. and the « importedfrom » is emptied so the process will not do it again.

that way, we do not have to filter all passwords on ImpEx, each time an imported user log-in, the system will simply update the password with the proper hash.

i’ll do this with phpBB as it is free and we have access to the process. if i find the one of IPB i let you know… 🙂

wanna play with this?

i want to have stunning engines for INET, they have to notice that we work better than their staff.


  1. Drew

    Ok although i would make the importfrom field contain a serialized array with the old password and what forum software it was imported with, it seems more logical to me 😉

    Yeah i would actually like to help out with this it seems like a cool concept

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    sure not, why excuse an insult… they prefer to say they don’t know that exists, so they can leech anything from it. same when we suggest something, they will say they never read the suggestion, but implement something due to the market changes.