Back, Fast and Furiously Releasing in the next days

I’ve been releasing 2 to 3 new addons each week for the last 6 months, like announced 6 months ago, but i think it’s not good… enough.

In the next 2 months, i’ll be releasing 10 LITTLE tweaks per week… maybe more. I’m clearing a lot of really small products from the backstore, because i want to be sure i re-released everything that was worth releasing before vB 4.0 come out of beta.

I’m actually on contract to create a complete « Virtual Stock Trading Competition », which will be released by the end of september. This is the only creation i work on right now, so i need something tangible to rework when in need of a change, and that’s why i start clearing the shelf of all the little tools i could release.

Some of these tools could « compete » with existing stuff at, that’s something i tried to avoid all the time, but now that’s not my philosophy anymore. On, people are coming from many places, and are not always visiting, so instead of refering them to, i’m answering the needs directly now… i hope this will get a more serious approach.

So i’ll be fast, firious and frantic in the next days… even if they are 2 lines codes, they are useful…

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  1. hum, 7 releases in the last week, not good enough… i had a hard time opening the computer this week, we had a heat wave all week, was above 35˚ for 4 days, so i kept the computer off before it melt…

    and now i’ve hurt my back this morning… damn. anyway, i’m working on a client’s code this week, so i may release less than planned in the next days.

    i plan to release the « self-delete users » engine at least, as requested many times on…