BBCode CSS wrap, version

Will replace all your original bbcode wrappers to a CSS based template based on the look.

here are the examples *(screenshot is because i may change the wrapper anytime for demos, so you are sure to see it):


There will be other bbcode replacements like this one in the future, but you can not install more than one in the version that we have here… I may be releasing a style file if people request it, so you can dedicate the new bbcode wrappers to be applied to only your selected styles…

To take advantage of the MySQL bbcode, you need this:

note: 08/24/09, updated, will now use the $stylevar[codeblockwidth], so it does not overflow on your postbit, and you can set the Code Block Width of all your styles to anything like 100%, 540px, or just 540, like originally… any width will fit.. Thanks to [user]Shelley[/user].

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  1. a note, with the PHP, HTML, MySQL and Quote, the title of the block is a link, for the quote it may refer to the original post, like usual, and the other three redirect the user to the main page of each individual reference page (, html at w3school,

    also, all these templates are 100% CSS based, no table or wrong HTML… the only problem comes from vBulletin, i have to use

     tags instead of 

    in most of the templates due to the fact that vBulletin itself parse the bbcodes to fit only in a

     field, making it obsolete with HTML5/CSS3... but the code will be rehearsed on due time with vb 4.0

  2. nope… there is a little bug in the CSS that i forgot about, quotes inside quotes and obsolete templates… because vBulletin cache the posts, making it complicated to deal with replacement templates… i’ll fix this this evening…

  3. Ok, .. [user]Shelley[/user] reported to me that the width with IE8 was causing problem… so i have made a fix… now the system will use the default $stylevar variable that you can set in your Styles… the quoted quotes will also fit as they are set to 95% instead of a fixed width.

    first post edited with a newer file.