Affiliates Engine (thinking and adding features… coding)


I’ve been working on this for a bit.. it’s pretty neat right now..

It’s an affiliate engine.. not like these ones which will just put a marquee of scrolling banners at the bottom of your site, this will be much more… with a page for linking, a page for displaying of the affiliates (hopefully with who submitted them and such) and a page for submitting your affiliate banners..

Just wanting to show my progress as I’m quite pleased so far (even though I know it’s not much).. may need some help further down the line though :grin_Wink:

Back End (so far):


Link to us page:


I have alot of plans running through my head and this is just a base which I’ll be adding things like click tracking, unique id’s and such to.. I may need help on the installcode later down the line (SQL :grin_Crying:) .. just wanted to show off what I’ve been up to, and theres more to come as I do it :grin_Smile:

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  1. To Do:

    • Make NavBar link plugin work (currently wont work)
    • Fix up the SQL for the backend which stores the unique identifiers
    • Clean up the code
    • Brainstorm for more features
    • Make the affiliate.php?do= work..
    • ‘Prettify’ the templates
    • Beta
    • Release

    This thread will serve as a backlog for me to keep myself updated ….

  2. Thanks! And yes, this is just a base, I intend to add an « out.php » where you can add id’s to each site (such as out.php?id=372 might lead to vBEnhancer)… it could become a rating thing of which sites are more popular, but that would take some more complex code (and adding fields to tables using the vBulletin install code, which I haven’t figured out yet), and I’m concentrating on the base for now..