sorry for the error on installation from the latest update, now it is fixed.

when i first given the job to one of the guys, he was new to the team, not even registered here yet, and it was proven that his CV was kinda bloated, he prove me he was stupid and knew nothing about vBulletin… sorry for you all.

now the process is supposed to be ok, i pushed all the install process into the regular vBulletin protocol, so the missing field is supposed to be detected now.

download the new version and re-import the product file.


  1. jman

    Just wanted to check to see if this is happening for everyone. When you look at the Total Rating Statistics for the site, the Recent Ratings (Past month, 6, 12) show all zeros. It works when viewing individual ratings, but it seems they are not being totaled for the entire group. Great product, keep it up!!!!