.htacc file help

i unistalled vbseo and now my pages are goign white. i do not know where my .hta file is to chnge the rewrites. when im in my ftp i can see it ay all any help?

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  1. Hi Matthew,

    I’m not really sure if vbenhancer.com would be the best place to ask this. vbseo.com can probably give you more info on this subject.

    In short, you’d have to uninstall the product, remove the files, and undo/comment the changes you’ve made to your .htaccess file when you’ve installed vbseo.

    Your .htaccess file should be located in forum root. Meaning mydomain.com/.htaccess or mydomain.com/forum/.htaccess. Remember, your .htaccess file is a file, not a dir.

    Also, why have you uninstalled vbseo if I may ask?

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