My backspace is broken

One month ago, i was hit seriously by a revelation… my keyboard will never be the same again. It now looks like this image found on google:

Missing an important part of its usage, and most importantly, lost the ability to go backward in the past.

It is hard to deal with this in the day-to-day business, but what that mean the most is that i will need to find someone with a better keyboard to execute the work my own keyboard can not do anymore.

I had to re-evaluate the goal of my work here as i may now be unable to provide any work anymore. But it’s just a specter, i can still use my brain and my left arm, which is not bad as i’m already able to clean my nose with it… So be it, i’ll clean my nose and give advices, but more important, i will continue to develop addons for vBulletin, but at my new pace, and with the help of some guys when needed…

So for the time being, i am not accepting new job calls, as i can not work steadily and i can not correct my work, as my backspace key is lost. I’ll continue developing my work minute by minute, and slowly releasing new products by the time they are coded.

I suppose that will do it… 😉


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