Ok, i’ve been banned from the whole vBulletin.com site… so, what’s next?

what next…humm

just some fun.

Wayne Luke, monday october 19th, 2009 wrote:
You have been banned for the following reason:
Insulting other members
Date the ban will be lifted: Mon 2nd Nov ’09, 3:00pm

i don’t care if Wayne banned me from the site, he hates me since day one of vB, and i give him back very well… he is british, i’m scotish, it’s always the same, always some pathetic reasons why british trash scotish people…

he was searching for a reason to ban me because i was telling the entire truth about the vBulletin structure right now, and he was not happy with that… so he prowled on me all day long to find a post where i was flawed… not complicated, i’m always insulting members on that site.

btw, what’s next… not sure, stupidity drive the world.

i was trying to converse with Ray Morgan lately, looks like Wayne locked down that possibility. looks like the vBulletin license holders will never see a real Calendar or a rebuild of the Social Groups. i posted earlier that it would be a good alternative for these license holders to stick with 3.8 and use my tools as an alternative to pay twice for their 4.0 …

i have enough of these games of personality… looks like my hopes to see vBulletin emerge from the myst are vain… they are not interested to evolve… and i’m not talking about the IB company, they need money so they want the project to evolve… i talk about Jelsoft’s cows. 3 years of debugs only, with not a single useful feature on the roadmap… pathetic and pointless.

so what, where do i go?… i’ll still code the engines that are on the roadmap here, because compared to Jelsoft, i listen to my clients and i try to deliver all that i announce. the only problem right now is my health… i’m not sick, i’m locked in concrete… my arm is in a plaster and it is my most important engine to be able to code… so i can not right now, but in the next weeks i will finish the recovery and i’m sure to be available to finish debugging everything and releasing other tools.

i’m going to release the Calendar Enhancement pack in the next 10 days… not sure when, as i have to rewrite parts of the SocialGroups bundle to be merged with it and i may not work a lot this week as i have the whole family home. next week will be more efficient.

for vBulletin.com, what next?… sorry but i’m not going back there… i have other lambs to whip. they may have reputations as great support staff, but when you do not need support but you need features, they are not so great… i coded my enhancements on my own all the time in the last 8 years… never was listened to, and even i was leeched by the old guys who stole a lot of codes from the guys at vb.org even when they said « oh no, we have no time to go there »… yeah… bullshiters

i’m not angry, i’m just a free mind, so i talk like that, read my avatar!

i’m building a site this week, for my daughter’s sync-swim club… i need a solid script for all the stuff we put in. vBulletin answer 10% of our needs, and with my addons, 75%… there is no real professional stylers for vBulletin… in the last 8 years, i never saw a single real professional style on that platform… because it is too badly coded. so i will go to another platform, i suppose Joomla, where there is a lot of places where to grab some real efficient styles.

that’s it.. you can comment.. rofl

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  1. @nexia 23431 wrote:

    i’ll put a solid copyright on my work now, so even if i leave, these kids will not have the right to use my ideas and codes… 🙂

    yea i have bought your social group bundle, but i haven’t yet implemented it..but soon i will

  2. Wow, I was amazed that you got banned.
    I thought you were broadly on vB’s side.
    Internet Brands are not interested in vB customers as much as serving their own vB driven websites which bring in WAY more income than vB licensing.

    I predict that vB4, released soon, will be met with universal negative reviews EXCEPT for the vB fan boys. I am reliably told that vB4 will contain very few new things and what *is* there is very badly coded.

    We’re sticking with 3.8.3 and will not be going to v4. I am no longer recommending people install vBulletin. I can’t in good conscience when I know the way vB is going.
    vB has already fallen by the wayside leaving a gap in the market for a solid, reliable, well coded forum. I don’t know whether Invision or PHPBB are up to the job because I am not familiar.

    It’s interesting to see how things will develop.

    I think there will be a market for vBulletin products for a while for people like me who will NOT be upgrading beyond 3.8.3 for at least 12 months.

    (Oh by the way, Scotland is part of Britain, and if you are Scottish (captial letter, two Ts), then you are also British).

  3. Scotland and England are two hateful brothers… 😉

    anyway, yeah, i never capitalise names, i don’t consider these names as important anyway… rofl

    i’m born in Quebec, from scottish *(yeah, my usual typo) father and french mother, and i’m quite red blooded if you ask… a mini-vicking… rofl

    anyway, after my leave, again, there is a wave of rage against the vB community. once i left the Org, people were questioning, and today it’s the same thing.

    sadly, i’m not yet completely recovered from the accident to be able to support my work plenty, and there is a lot of things to do on this site. some addons are to be updated, and some others to be released. i’ll focus on the Calendar and Social Groups things in the next days, because they worth being released, but i’ll need time.

    as you say yourself Spinball, there is a gap to fill in the forums market… i’m not the one to have the solution for it right now, but i would say that with a fair budget to pay for 2 or 3 coders, someone could easily create a new engine based on the latest technologies to break the chain of the usual forum system like phpBB, IPB of vB. the next of the 2010++ is to evolve, and none of these actual system is ready for it.

  4. lol, Zachery ma donné une infraction de 10pts pour ce sujet: vBulletin Community Forum

    Dont le contenu était:

    Nexialys is banned, hoo, it’s ridiculous !

    I appreciate people who speaks without repression ..

    It is one of the few to say this is wrong or what can be improved, I find that interesting thread should not be removed this way (hein wayne)

    This thread will it be deleted because it also bothers?

    Pour la raison suivante:

    Reason: Inappropriate Content

    Moderator actions are not appropriate to be discussed on the forums.

    Je pense que Jelsoft/IB essaie d’étouffer la mauvaise publicité et espère que la sortie de vB4 fera oublier tous les sujets « gênants »


    I think that Jelsoft / IB is trying to stifle bad publicity and hopes that the release of VB4 will forget all threads « annoying »

  5. yeah, 10 points… hopefully you have 50 left… rofl

    btw, they will repress any negative comment that was made public by well known persons like me because they know we have a bigger impact on sales than their own announcements…

    if when they announced the new licensing last week i had made a solid post against it, i’m sure there would be a way bigger riot right now, because guys like me who voice themselves have a big echo… some guys with impact made it the wrong way, saying stupid things, like TECK who was able to raise opinions but as he was a little too agressive, people did not follow him. and he was banned for that.

    anyway, we will see in the future, if i was right!

  6. Hi– I just noticed you were banned when reading the thread about vbseo.

    I think it’s ridiculous to ban somebody who was well established and part of the vBulletin community for a long time.

    I also noticed some threads I posted in recently were deleted.

    Not a way to go…. :grin_Angry:

    Btw, we really like your rss feed modification — very very useful !! :grin_Smile:

  7. @wld 25501 wrote:

    Hi– I just noticed you were banned when reading the thread about vbseo.

    I think it’s ridiculous to ban somebody who was well established and part of the vBulletin community for a long time.

    I also noticed some threads I posted in recently were deleted.

    Not a way to go…. :grin_Angry:

    Btw, we really like your rss feed modification — very very useful !! :grin_Smile:

    wish i could get my rss feeds going 🙂
    ya thats bad , and its there wee brains that will miss out