I was evaluating the value of the Calendar Enhancement bundle…

So, what would be the cost of sale?… 50$ per license? *(lifetime we must say).. or 40, 30, 20, 10$ ???

what does that cost to have the best calendar engine on the whole market?

you can crawl the whole internet, you will not see any calendar with discussions per event, rsvp, type of events, permissions based events, classified display, subscriptions per calendar and per event, alarms, attachments/images/video per events, rss feeds per calendar, a great new design…

the client who asked me to work this out has put 5000$ on the table. « strangely » he vanished when it was time to pay the upfront. but i had most of the work done, so i completed it, and i was ready to release it when i had my accident *(remember the backspace)…

so in the last weeks i produced some screenies that you can see in the official thread, but they are not complete. i am actually evaluating the redesign of the calendar look, because some pages look strange. and i will merge this engine with the Social Groups Events, because the new engine is quite efficient and can be ported to the Social groups, and some other things.

So what i was thinking on doing was a « version 1.0 », with the forum part, and then start a version 2.0 with the blog, social groups, cmps/vbadvanced, and some other details like the project tools even if abandonned by Jelsoft…

but as i’m unsure to be able to provide anything after the move to our new project, i think i will simply release the Forum mixture and see where it goes… are you interested to have it?

If you have friends interested to have that kind of engine, you can tell them, and let them know that i was making pressures at IB/vBulletin Solutions to make a deal on that engine… if they hear that a lot of people are requesting that engine, they surely will have to listen and talk to me if it is not too late. I know they will not ask another coder to do the same kind of work, because it would take them way too long and would cost the same anyway…

so, some vote?

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  1. i have a demo actually, but as it’s a private forum, i will move the demo here… 😉

    will be done in the next hours, it’s just a product to put on and adding some calendar etc… i have a lot of template edits to fix though, to make it look great… will be done in the next days.

  2. L’usage du calendrier sur vB est minime, personnellement, je ne dépenserais que peu pour acheter une modification sur le calendrier, je dirais donc 10$.

    Après, suivant l’usage qu’on en fait (entreprise par exemple), la oui, il peut être intéressant. Pourquoi ne pas sortir 2 versions, une pour les particuliers peu chère et une entreprise plus onéreuse ..


    Use the calendar on VB is minimal, I personally do not spend very little to purchase a change of schedule, I would say 10$.

    Afterwards, following the use made of it (eg, company), the yes, it can be interesting. Why not release 2 versions, one for inexpensive private and business more expensive ..

  3. looks like you’re willing to have it quickly… rofl

    the forum version will be ready by the end of the week… i was supposed to release other tools, but as this is the only one that i have in hands right now, i will package it… 🙂

  4. lol, well.., yeah I do 😉 just about to start a new community and would like to have something ‘complete’.

    you wanted to know the marketing value ;). fyi I compared your product with the vB links dir, and some vbcoders products.

  5. Yup, I’d pay for someting like this… $10-$20
    It is exactly what I have been needing for a while now.
    Most of my clients need to see what is happening from a calender/date perspective as we base our recreational lives around what events are happening when and where, over the week-end.