Oh, so Ray is leaving… so goes the negociations for my work…

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… i was not aware of that, Ray told me for months to wait for vB 4.0 gold release so we could discuss more properly the work released on this site to be integrated to vBulletin.

I’m not interested to know if all that was planned, i will not put my hopes in a lie, i don’t care. if i read somewhere that Ray was a moron, i will shut that off… he was not…

btw, the problem lies on the fact that i was in discussion all this time with Ray, without knowing he was to leave as soon as 4.0 was to be gold. Some people here already know that we were discussing the possibility to work out the vBulletin 5.0 as soon as possible, instead of waiting that roadmap… we have been working that out for so long that we mostly forgot to sleep for months.

so now everything goes to the trash, as i’m sure 100% that Ray never had the flexibility to extend the discussion to the head office. btw i will not even take the chance to ask, people read here all the time, knowing what i think of IB/vB…

So, what’s up next?… shit.

ok, the word is heavy, but as i was not to work out the products here to be compatible to 4.0, that leave me with the result that all of the work here will be available until 3.8 is left unsupported by vBulletin Solutions, and then we will vanish.

We’re still in search of a sponsor for a new project, but we’re working it out without any finance right now, so i suppose we’ll be the only ones to have profits from it… corporately possible… 😉

more to come, when we know where our ground fail.

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  1. Well this sux… Nex, you must be utterly gutted!
    It never ceases to amaze me, the duality of people!

    What kills me is you and your devs have so many awesome mods to create but you need the funding to do so!!! You had a perfect plan but that has now been dashed.

    What to do , what to do? Rob a bank? lol

  2. @Lionel 25864 wrote:

    I wonder why past and current employees are leaving? It’s a massive desertion.

    It’s a shame things are coming to this, i have noticed that VB have been making alot of bad decisions lately aswell as finding it amusing to Ban every person who says VB4 isnt the best thing since sliced bread……..:grin_Sealed: