Decision taken, no vBulletin 4.0

That’s it. after deliberating a long time about upgrading all our tools to vB 4.0 Gold, a long breath was taken to fix the decision, and we’re sticking to it. There will be no 4.0 generation of our work.

Sadly, vBulletin Solutions never offered the flexibility and opening of mind that they always advertised, and the code they deliver with vB 4.0 is just crap. The templates engine is so heavy now, that just moving our tools to that system would mean rebuilding them entirely to make them fit.

Right now, 4.0 is not replacing any of my releases, strangely, they decided to avoid copying my work to add new features to their engine. that does not mean they are not using any of my code, but the overall idea is that they leeched generally inside the vB coders community, not piece by piece.

That also mean that the tools you find on this site « may or may not » be replicated by any stupid kid of … they are searching for ideas, and i can tell that some kids are purchasing every piece of commercial script *(with pirated credit cards) to leech the codes and maybe release them for free on or vbteam — which is care less than, because it’s their goal after all.

Among the 200+ subscribers of this site, the only answer i got about 4.0 is that you will not upgrade your vBulletin installations soon, because of any reason, but mainly because you want your plugins and addons to be upgraded as well because you need them in your site. Sadly, i can not garanty you that your site will be compatible anymore if you keep running a 3.8.x, as vBulletin Solutions™ is not supporting it anymore in 1.5 year…

anyway, that’s all i got lately… i’ll continue to work on vB 3.8, and as i see things fit, i may release some additional tools in the next weeks, when i have time to put my hands on…

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  1. You will have to rework it entirely to make it work for 4.0, there is so much hooks and template edits that it is impossible to make it work on-the-fly.

    and just a note, if you think my tools worth to be added to vBulletin 4.0, you can voice your opinions to Don Kuramura, at, he is the project manager.

  2. In the last 3 days, i’ve been requested to upgrade some of my works to vb 4.0 in exchange of some payment.

    I will be clear here. right now, none of the coders at can upgrade your scripts, because vB 4.0 is not final and it is random to do so right away. Same here.

    Not that i am unable to do so, but i refuse to upgrade my work to 4.0 for 2 or 3 reasons…

    1- loss of time: most of my work will need complete rework. and from the poll i’ve made of my clients, most of them are not to upgrade right now so i work for a minority.

    2- lack of time: i’m on something else right now, called Parenting.

    3- due to #2, if i accept a job, no matter what version, i’ll work at a rate of 50$/hour, minimum 10 hours. That just show you that if your project does not worth 500$, you will have to ask some other coder or freelancer to do so.

    sorry but my 4 kids require their father to be available…

    oh and as a side note, iTrader upgraded to 4.0 would cost 3000$.

    as for an answer to a pm i just received: for the ones complaining that they paid for a lifetime subscription… yes, you paid for what you get when you visit the site… there is no version of anything in 4.0 right now, so you did not pay for that. if you are too slow to understand the value of a 10$, you really need to re-evaluate the value of your own life… mine cost a lot.
    *(sorry for the others!)

  3. I don’t blame you! The code is put it nicely.

    Would I upgrade…hmmm probably not for a very long time and it doesn’t even have to do with plugins and such. Just the quality that they are pushing right now 🙁 There is nothing that can’t be done with what I already have (3.8.x) You figure people still use the 2.x series! Why can’t we use the 3.x series?! Especially when it is better then the upcoming 4.x series?

    Also I still think the $10 is to little for what is on this site 🙂

  4. Hi there! 🙂

    Dont know why you guys even waste time talking about a beta version right now. And lol @ those blamers, 10 bucks is like « Hi there, this time I pay for the coffee! ». And thats no coffee to enjoy the entire life. 🙂

    I think what we should do is collect some nice, new ideas for little additions, which nexia could release exclusive on this website and damn we should not complain. Enjoy life and dont waste time crying. I personally believe (& hope) there is some more additions nexia will drop out. 😛

    Nexia you said you got still plenty of additions which you have not rlsd yet. When you find the time you might rls some of those, because I think most of the users here still running 3.* Versions. I would appreciate that. 🙂

  5. i think that the nexy’s add-ons are really useful onto the older vB platform … right now i’m looking for the upgrade, and i think that this new platform isn’t complete … so i need some codes from nexy to improve the new platform … without these vB isn’t a good forum … :S

  6. After reading thousands of comments regarding 4.x on the .com, it was obvious to me that my decision is clear and content… upgrading my work to 4.x would be just an error, as more and more people are backwarding their site to the 3.8.x generation.

    A lot of requests were made lately, and i took the decision sooner this week to update iTrader to a vB 4.0 protocol because people asked me to… the problem with these requests is that nobody, not a single one of these persons is ready to pay a penny to see these upgrades… they all want free stuff « because they deserve it »

    so to all these persons who think they do not have to pay for vBulletin modifications, my answer will be simple: « go f*ck yourself elsewhere… »

    isn’t that clear enough, you want to be banned from here?

    This opinion i’ve read a lot lately, i hate it tremendously. I prefer to read things like « i have no more money, sorry »… because i know a lot of admins who would be pleased to pay for some great addons, but have no more cash because they do not profit from their investments regarding vBulletin upgrades… but having self-sufficient persons who think i have to work for them for free, i owe nothing, it worth nothing.

    So the decision was changed today… iTrader will not be upgraded to vB 4.0 from the plans made. Anyway, that engine worth a rework before thinking it need a 4.0 compatible version… a lot of things were planned first and never done because i had no time to execute the work…

    so before upgrading anything to vB 4.x, i will first see to rework the engines for 3.8 that need enhancements.

  7. i was requested to day to create two new products to add functionalities to vB 3.8… i’m coding them this week:

    1- addition to the Shelled Private Messaging

    a: flag/unflag PMs, listing flagged only
    b: threaded listing of PMs *(will be a long run to code properly)

    2- addition to threads management

    a: cronjob to prune thread with no-reply/no-answers since X days, will lock threads and move to trashbin forum if present
    b: moderator action to move threads to trashbin forum

    both products are written down, i just need to code them, and most of the features are already set, not complicated, compatible for 3.8.x …

    one thing i detected in the newer version of vBulletin. They talk a lot about more features, answers for long made requests of functionalities… so why ALL of my addons are still à la mode? i have more than 60 releases here, and they are all useful still in a 4.0 vB… so 4.0 was not enhanced for the end-user experience for sure, or some of my addons would be obsolete, no???

  8. oh and another product i plan on working in the next weeks, if i decide to start it… it will break the legs of the actual authentication process in vBulletin, which have a real obsolete technique.

    the suggestion was made by a requester on, but as he was unable to be serious in his job search, i’m working a more complete tool that will contain all my ideas.

    first, if you visit secured sites often, you see that if you fail answering the username/password login process, you are forced to answer a security question, a captcha, or other details… in vBulletin, after 5 hits you are kicked for a period… but it has its flaws… not friendly at all, not end-user accessible.

    so i’ll add some features to the actual login process… replacing i must say, as the original one can bring trouble for users etc…

  9. It’s a shame really as my site relied upon iTrader except because i had a leased license i was forced to upgrade 🙁 i wasnt able to use 3.8 due to them removing it from my account so to speak.

    But i could always see if vBclassifieds is looking to port to vb4 if not im going to either have to start a mod myself *crazy* or go back to phpbb or something 🙁

  10. you can still use 3.8, you do not have to re-download it from the original site, you still have the right to use ANY version on your site.

    if the link to download vBulletin 3 is not present in your members area, you simply have to contact the support, and require that version as it’s the one which your site is actually running.

    vbClassified will not update to 4.0, Quarterbore stopped supporting his site on august…