guess what, you have to find what is related to this site here…


the fun we will make with this contest, we never know where we can go!


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    actually, i browsed most of the websites related to vBulletin in the last months, and discovered that all of these mosts are on sale or were sold to entities unknown on the market…

    some of them died in piece *(not a typo), and some others joined a group of coder or were merged with other developers sites… but at the end, a lot of the services sites vanished lately…

    so what do we need to understand?… vBulletin market is dying? sure, we already knew it when they showed us 4.0a… but how hard the breakage made the damage, nobody knows.

    some coders were simply onverwhelmed by the work to be done regarding 4.0, some others had enough of the game, that’s a situation we see in all new version. new coders will come and take over… maybe.

    so, what vbEnhancer have to do?… bah, nothing… actually the site is dying on its own, i’m not available at all for the moment, i was scheduled to visit some other earthquake situation in the next weeks in Chile, so i can not even come back for coding.

    … the situation with the International RedCross changed also, because i’m managing a team of technicals, and we have to move from places to places… that’s easier than in the 90′ where i had to follow war crisis in the eurasian zones… i have a plane ride for 2 days, and a 3 days installation, then come back home for 2 weeks, working online with my staff… not complicated, but exhausting.

    so i don’t know, i’m not putting this site on sale, i may simply let it go to one of my partner, but as i do not have any paid membership here, i have no dedication for paid clients… i can close it today if i think it worth the trouble… but i’m not there yet!