vbE is back online and ready for 3.8.x again!

What i’ve been up to the last months?

desolation, death, reconstruction… not a single day when i had not faced these…

i took the last 10 days in vacation, completely.. brain as well… 🙂

so here i come, 3 months and a half after the first quake, back at home, and ready to re-open the vBenhancer office. i did not catch up with the chores yet, but i’m sure it will be quick, as i need money.. rofl

Things will change a little around here, as i’m not going to use the original subscriptions formula anymore, and i will deprecate any job below 500$… there is plenty of bad coders on the web who are ready to roll out your « big money » projects.

i’ll be starting to code for mega websites, big projects, and other ways to grab a lot of money for the kids’ christmas gifts…

welcome back, myself.. 😉

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  1. rofl… no real need right now, my biggest work is on WordPress, as i’m developping a professional branch for it.

    vBulletin is yet just a hobby, compared to the work i can do with wordpress… 😉

    … wordle… oh, now i see why you had it in your footer… 🙂

    every time i use that, it just show me sexy mixes, so i better be careful… rofl

  2. @captainslater 26237 wrote:

    So I can purchase a subscription to have access to the add-ons?

    actually, everything under the « Members Complimentaries » are available for free at vb.org … « The Enhancements » section is under the subscriptions rule, yes…

    i did not check the subscriptions since i was back, so i do not remember if they were having permissions problem, but they are supposed to give you access to everything… 🙂

  3. Hey mate just saw that you were back and straight away purchased a subscription – looking forward to getting your mods back on my site and hopefully my subscription has helped you in some way.

    Let me know when you open your wordpress branch as my site uses WordPress front page and vBulletin so will support you with that also.

  4. thanks Brendon… though the site as it is will change quite a bit in the next days as i will switch to a wordpress interface and vBulletin will become simply a test ground for playing with the products we have.

    wordpress is a better engine for advertising and selling our goods… 🙂

    i’ve had quite a few addons to load in the wordpress market, so we’re upgrading everything useful for WP 3.0 and BP as well!