Each section is for a specific product, each driven by a specific paid subscription.

As title say, each sub-forum in this section is suggesting a specific product that can be purchased by subscribing to the plan with its name.

When a section is having no thread is because we’re not releasing it right away… They are in test, or in development. we « announce » their arrival by teasing you with a product title and its description.

If you are not subscribing to a product yet, you can still ask a question or two in the main section. support and downloads are accessed only for the subscribers.

Timelife access to files: our system register what you were able to download, and you will continue to have access to these files until you break yourself the conditions of access *(piracy is a good reason)

the Presence engine is already on place, and it helps us keep track of what was downloaded, what version and how many times…

We also have a demo of each of these products, so you can check everything with screenshots or working demo before purchasing it… Refund for the reasons like « it’s not working », or « it’s not doing what it is supposed to », are not valid then…,