Nexia’s Personal Favicon per Member

# To install, simply IMPORT in the Products Manager the file contained in the /IMPORT_PRODUCT/ folder.
# there is no setup, configuration or file edit to do… this is simple!

# What it does is simple… if your users have an avatar, it will show in the navigation bar of their browser instead of the default favicon. If you visit a member’s profile who has an avatar, this one will show up!

… see the screenshot for an example, or browser for a live version.


# How to present this to your members… in your own words. but you can start a contest that the best avatar will win something, or make a poll for the best one, etc… it encourage interaction between members!

… and the avatar is good so the members know they are part of something!

update: will now show user’s avatar on member profile, blog and album. if you know some places where it would worth to show, only personal pages i forgot, just tell!