Free for all for another day or two…

yeap, the few who visited the site in the last days found out that there was no subscription and everybody could download anything… ARGH, i’m ruined!!!

actually not… rofl… i locked down the downloads, i think, but with vB perms that are a mess, i don’t know!

and anyway, what’s on the site is not yet set properly for the « sales ». the new stuff isn’t there, i took time to clean the mess and find a way to build my bundles. but nothing is complete yet, i have to handle subscriptions, post new stuff and merge some projects to have only the essentials… *(as example, everything related to the calendar will be under a single and unique package/bundle)

In the past, the prefered bundle i had was not to have per-year subscriptions or unlimited access for a mega-price, but to have a monthly charge to access everything… like 100$ to have access to the whole site, any type of download. as i do not apply any « branding-free » bullshit, you do not have to come back to pay the extra… so, i think we’ll go with that good formula again, so you have access to everything for a monthly subscription.

support?… given to anybody who downloaded a product, lifetime!…. support, not customization, which is a seperate service. you need an additional feature, you ask for paid service.

so that’s it… no more freebie btw, all and everything free is delivered on everything gift is delivered in the numerous packages offered to any subscriber.

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