Aleph One Marathon Activate Cheats codes for Mac

by default, nobody was ever able to give a proper answer to all Aleph One Mac Users about activating the cheats codes.

Here are the PC related tutorials for cheats:

Level warp
To warp to any level hold own the ctrl + shift keys, and while still holding them click new game.

Cheat List
In the mml folder create a file named cheats.mml (or anything really). copy this in the file then save it:

<cheats on= »true » />

That is the process for a PC. NOT for mac… there is no « mll » folder in Aleph One for Mac.

actually, we have the life easy, and nobody cared to say so. because nobody searched for it in the last 8 years… come on, Aleph One guys, you’re the ones coding these…

FOR ALL THE SCENARIOS… you have two ways to do it, in the same location:

1- edit a file: /ScenarioName/Scripts/ScenarioName.mml
*(ex: in Marathon Infinity it is: /Marathon Infinity/Scripts/Marathon Infinity.mml)

the first line is « <marathon>  »

just after that, you paste this: « <cheats on= »true » />  »

save the file and go play.

2- if you don’t like to edit the original files, you can do like for PC’s…

create a file called whatever you want, usually cheats.mml

pus that code in it:

<cheats on= »true » />

save, and put it in: /ScenarioName/Scripts/

Aleph One will load any .mml file in that path, so it’s supposed to work.

… then!

To use the cheat codes, type them in while pressing « control ». Weapon and ammo cheats will indicate their success by the « picked up item » sound and effect. Here are those cheats:

nrg: raise your suit energy level to full level, to have the third level, the purple, use the code 3 times to make it so.

otwo: add oxygen
map: show items, monsters, and projectiles in map view before you discover them
bye: invisibility, work for 3 minutes max at a time
nuke: invincibility , work for 3 minutes max at a time
see: infravision
wow: extravision
mag: pistol
melt: fusion gun
puff: shotgun
rif: rifle
zip: SMG
toast: flamethrower
pow: rocket
pzbxay: alien gun
ammo: lots of ammo
for each weapon, you can use the code more than once to maximize your ammo for it.

if you have problems with your keyboard and Aleph does not bind your keys properly, you may have to find the other key that is switched with… on my keyboard the W*(wow, pow) is replaced by the Z… took me 4 days to figure it out.

If you do not set Aleph to auto-switch weapon, using the code will not switch them either…

nota: in the Phoenix scenario, weapons are different… puff will bring you double panzer…