Nexia’s BBCode Lyrics

one of a kind, i presume, as nobody else ever coded such a simple feature that could be used on about any forum…

a simple bbcode that let you list songs lyrics in a good way for the eye! just look:

[LYRICS=Josh Groban – Awake]
A beautiful and blinding morning
The world outside begins to breathe
See clouds arriving without warning
I need you here to shelter me

And I know that only time will tell us how
To carry on without each other

So keep me awake to memorize you
Give me more time to feel this way
We can’t stay like this forever
But I can have you next to me today

If I could make these moments endless
If I could stop the winds of change
If we just keep our eyes wide open
Then everything would stay the same

the trick is easy… once installed this bbcode work in two ways:

[ LYRICS][/LYRICS ] will list the song lines
[ LYRICS=title of the song, artist, etc][/LYRICS ] will list the song lines with the title containing what’s in the option.

… i plan on adding a button to activate that BBCode.. just need to understand how to do it… rofl[CODE]
[ LYRICS][/LYRICS ] will list the song lines
[ LYRICS=title of the song, artist, etc][/LYRICS ] will list the song lines with the title containing what’s in the option.

… i plan on adding a button to activate that BBCode.. just need to understand how to do it… rofl

vBulletin Versions Supported

On this site, the vBulletin generations are mostly all supported for a reason: they all look the same. From 3.5 to 4.2 yet, we’re supporting them when coding products and upgrading them.

By the way, we’re not supporting all sub-versions. We’re supporting actually only the latest of each generation, to avoid internal bugs that occur between versions. as an example, the 3.6.9 version has bugs that the 3.6.10 fixed

So, for this reason, there is a list of prerequisite versions we support. It is always suggested that you upgrade your vBulletin each time a fix is released so you’re not facing any substential bug, but also because you will be fully supported by the company if you have something wrong going on your site.

Right now, a multitude of “Patch Levels” are released in your Members Area, which let you choose the latest for your version… we’re not listing them here because they change periodically. But the versions themselves are:



News: Small change ins the Library, and Subscription Running!

As you can see, the Scripts Library changed a little bit… now, everything is under the same directory… around 100 products are available, so that’s not that complicated to browse.

As an addition, you have a simple subscription for Membership that gives you access to everything in here in the same time. No complicated renewals, no heavy registrations… simple as that!

small delay for the opening of the site…

i’ve been very occupied in the last days, trying to upgrade some of my scripts, like the RSS Engine… but it’s coming in with the new stuff, just slower than planned because i had to deal with the school of two of my kids…

there are some subscriptions ready, for the ones willing to download the old crap or simply support my work!

in the next days, new announcements, once the kids are at school for good!

Free for all for another day or two…

yeap, the few who visited the site in the last days found out that there was no subscription and everybody could download anything… ARGH, i’m ruined!!!

actually not… rofl… i locked down the downloads, i think, but with vB perms that are a mess, i don’t know!

and anyway, what’s on the site is not yet set properly for the “sales”. the new stuff isn’t there, i took time to clean the mess and find a way to build my bundles. but nothing is complete yet, i have to handle subscriptions, post new stuff and merge some projects to have only the essentials… *(as example, everything related to the calendar will be under a single and unique package/bundle)

In the past, the prefered bundle i had was not to have per-year subscriptions or unlimited access for a mega-price, but to have a monthly charge to access everything… like 100$ to have access to the whole site, any type of download. as i do not apply any “branding-free” bullshit, you do not have to come back to pay the extra… so, i think we’ll go with that good formula again, so you have access to everything for a monthly subscription.

support?… given to anybody who downloaded a product, lifetime!…. support, not customization, which is a seperate service. you need an additional feature, you ask for paid service.

so that’s it… no more freebie btw, all and everything free is delivered on everything gift is delivered in the numerous packages offered to any subscriber.

2 hours / day… that’s all i can give you folks!

Most of the guys here aren’t aware of this, but i have a family… yeap! 7 kids and a wife… And i’m the gifted one to work from home when my wife is out for her job. So as this site is my main revenue, i have to focus on the work that is done here… At least 2 hours per day. The kids take all the rest… :)

So this is to be taken in consideration if you ask for a paid job… I usually reserve half of my work time to dedicated contracts, so about one hour per day… If you need more, the charges will raise accordingly. I’m sure you all understand that.. :)

Link "no permission" page with "subscribe to plan X to access"…

Because each time we get a “no permission” page when we want to download something or read a thread, we need something more precise than just the damn “no permission” page that ask us to login when we’re already…

so my system will hack into the actual “no_permission” function and will display the proper alert depending on a situation. So if the downloads are permitted by some subscription, the users will be alerted to subscribe to it. If the reading of a section require a password, the user will be alerted that he need to contact the forum moderator in charge of the access there… If the forum require to be member of a public usergroup, the user will be invited to join in.

these things are pretty simple, and were never applied into vB… i have that damn habbit to answer my own needs, and i have this one!

so in the next days, you will see crap on this site that alert you of a lot of things… this is a work in the making.. :)

First very exclusive and very different product released!

The Nexia’s Personal Favicon is one of the kind of new featurette that i’m coding these days…

I’m happy to release it here and at, and maybe this will bring more ideas of things we can do to enhance a regular website visit. it’s good to have blogs, albums, chat etc, but these small things are rare, really… :)

welcome to my crazyness!

Each section is for a specific product, each driven by a specific paid subscription.

As title say, each sub-forum in this section is suggesting a specific product that can be purchased by subscribing to the plan with its name.

When a section is having no thread is because we’re not releasing it right away… They are in test, or in development. we “announce” their arrival by teasing you with a product title and its description.

If you are not subscribing to a product yet, you can still ask a question or two in the main section. support and downloads are accessed only for the subscribers.

Timelife access to files: our system register what you were able to download, and you will continue to have access to these files until you break yourself the conditions of access *(piracy is a good reason)

the Presence engine is already on place, and it helps us keep track of what was downloaded, what version and how many times…

We also have a demo of each of these products, so you can check everything with screenshots or working demo before purchasing it… Refund for the reasons like “it’s not working”, or “it’s not doing what it is supposed to”, are not valid then…,