so, where are the white goblins at ?@!

lot of things to update in our thoughts…

but as i’m not a person of codes, i’ll talk a little about what i updated in my toughts in the last 2 years:

1- no more « forum »… everything is supposed to be used to be filled with data, like text, feed, discussion, article, photos, video, etc…

2- with minimal plug-and-play admincp, we can create everything:

a: basic infos, hierarchy*(child, independant, custom etc)
b: type of section *(articles, discussions, reviews, poll, etc)
c: level of permissions *(admin, manager, moderator, author, etc)
d: sets of fields *(because 2 articles sections can have different fields, like rating, ranking, folios, references etc)
e: customization

so basically, when we create a sections/sub-section/sub-sub etc… we set the basic infos, and then the type, the level and the sets… if we do not use the default features, we set details in the customization fields…

that way, any moron can handle the creation of most of what can be a community… even the cms!

right now, if you want to customize vB cms, you need a tutorial… missing one actually, so you need someone paid to handle it!

same for IPB, phpBB and some others… the more gadgets, the less flexibility due to the multiplication of settings…

if we simply have to choose if this section is an article repository with only the admins can posts and need guest level to comment, that’s pretty simple and easy to understand… right now in vB and IPB, you need to set at least 50 elements in the CP!

User Discipline System

vBulletins current system with infractions, reports, and user notes (I’ve never used the notes system) are not at all connected. My thought would be that instead of having everything seperate something like this would happen:
Users report a post -> Moderators recieve report and have direct options to use infraction system and on of the options in the infraction system is ban the user. Then remove all parts of the current ban system and just have it be a part of the infraction system.

Decision taken, no vBulletin 4.0

That’s it. after deliberating a long time about upgrading all our tools to vB 4.0 Gold, a long breath was taken to fix the decision, and we’re sticking to it. There will be no 4.0 generation of our work.

Sadly, vBulletin Solutions never offered the flexibility and opening of mind that they always advertised, and the code they deliver with vB 4.0 is just crap. The templates engine is so heavy now, that just moving our tools to that system would mean rebuilding them entirely to make them fit.

Right now, 4.0 is not replacing any of my releases, strangely, they decided to avoid copying my work to add new features to their engine. that does not mean they are not using any of my code, but the overall idea is that they leeched generally inside the vB coders community, not piece by piece.

That also mean that the tools you find on this site « may or may not » be replicated by any stupid kid of … they are searching for ideas, and i can tell that some kids are purchasing every piece of commercial script *(with pirated credit cards) to leech the codes and maybe release them for free on or vbteam — which is care less than, because it’s their goal after all.

Among the 200+ subscribers of this site, the only answer i got about 4.0 is that you will not upgrade your vBulletin installations soon, because of any reason, but mainly because you want your plugins and addons to be upgraded as well because you need them in your site. Sadly, i can not garanty you that your site will be compatible anymore if you keep running a 3.8.x, as vBulletin Solutions™ is not supporting it anymore in 1.5 year…

anyway, that’s all i got lately… i’ll continue to work on vB 3.8, and as i see things fit, i may release some additional tools in the next weeks, when i have time to put my hands on…

Oh, so Ray is leaving… so goes the negociations for my work…

vBulletin Community Forum

… i was not aware of that, Ray told me for months to wait for vB 4.0 gold release so we could discuss more properly the work released on this site to be integrated to vBulletin.

I’m not interested to know if all that was planned, i will not put my hopes in a lie, i don’t care. if i read somewhere that Ray was a moron, i will shut that off… he was not…

btw, the problem lies on the fact that i was in discussion all this time with Ray, without knowing he was to leave as soon as 4.0 was to be gold. Some people here already know that we were discussing the possibility to work out the vBulletin 5.0 as soon as possible, instead of waiting that roadmap… we have been working that out for so long that we mostly forgot to sleep for months.

so now everything goes to the trash, as i’m sure 100% that Ray never had the flexibility to extend the discussion to the head office. btw i will not even take the chance to ask, people read here all the time, knowing what i think of IB/vB…

So, what’s up next?… shit.

ok, the word is heavy, but as i was not to work out the products here to be compatible to 4.0, that leave me with the result that all of the work here will be available until 3.8 is left unsupported by vBulletin Solutions, and then we will vanish.

We’re still in search of a sponsor for a new project, but we’re working it out without any finance right now, so i suppose we’ll be the only ones to have profits from it… corporately possible… 😉

more to come, when we know where our ground fail.

How about they start cleaning their client’s list?

I’m not frustrated, but i think IB is going way too slow on cleaning their reputation, leaving a load of morons poisoning the entire community over

i got pissed off to visit, but as everybody today, i received the announcement that vb 4.0 RC1 would be released soon… so i visited the licensed members place to read that… « crap »…

vBulletin Community Forum

my answer to Dean…

@Dean C 1863649 wrote:

Why on earth would you launch software in the run up to one of the busiest times of the year? You won’t be able to provide adequate support to customers during that period who are naive enough to upgrade at such a busy time of the year.

always blah blah ‘ing about everything you do not control, isn’t it Dean?

why in hell do you care about how the company will have to handle the support… why are you unable to just wait and see, you whine and whine over and over about ALL THE SH**TY detail over here at and the org… that’s so pathetic.

oh, and btw, with your brain full of knowledge, why are you complaining about support you will never have the need of ?!…

WordPress + WordPressMU merging soon…

ok, that’s not new to this site, we’re looking at the competitors to see what’s above and below us in the ideas…

WordPress the big and popular blog engine is to be merged to a branch called WPMU, a multi-users version of wordpress. so what’s up?…

they develop the biggest multi-users multi-engines system on the market right now… compared to them, vBulletin is just the sand under the carpet.

23 million individual installs over the globe. vB is yet to look at the asian side of things with 50 000 clients, WordPress is already the most popular blog engine in China and India.

ok, so what’s up with us? nothing, really… but i’ve been working with WordPress-Buddypress for the last month, and i think that even if they have a great market, they are unable to answer the needs. They are slow to develop final versions, Buddypress is still in planning their next version, they code slowly but surely.

so, i’ve been in discussions with Andy Peatling, the developer of Buddypress, and from what i see, our best deal would be to take a complete buddypress installed with all our prefered addons and rework it. we don’t even need to recode it completely, remember that WordPress is GPL.

in WordPress we have most of what we need to start, like automatic updates without downloads, automatic i18n, filebased templates, etc… a lot of things or so.

what WordPress needs is the professional twist i always apply to my work. better themes, better markup, better code, better plugins… there is not a single professional addon for wordpress when you browse the free directory… just « approximate » tools.

Buddypress is the best work donw with WordPress yet… merge of twitter, facebook and myspace in a single engine, plugin to wordpress mu, so you offer a load of possibilities to a social network.

but there is more than social network. if you twist it properly, it can become a great intranet for your clients, a great marketplace for shopping malls, etc…

soo…. ?!